Off the Risers: Life as a Singer (Susanna 11/27/13)

Who could use a break? Apologies that I sound tired. This is a full-steam time of year for most people, myself included, and being part of a professional choir definitely fuels the grueling pace. Don’t get me wrong; it is extremely rewarding, but it is really hard work. I am definitely looking forward to the next few days of good company, good food, and especially, good downtime.

Of course, this won’t really be a break from the Singers—we stay with our schedule and are back to rehearsal next Monday as usual. But I’m glad that a couple extra days of rest are in store so I can come back refreshed and excited to rehearse Christmas music. I’m no Grinch, but it’s a little hard for me to really get emotionally invested in Christmas music before Thanksgiving has happened/the Advent season has begun. Guess I’m one of those “one holiday at a time” party poopers! In light of that, I will observe tomorrow one day early by giving thanks here.

• I’m thankful to be able to sing in a choir that makes music at a professional and polished level. These qualities make it so much easier to make way for moments of pure transcendence. There is nothing like the electric pause after one of these moments, when the choir and the audience are still reveling, holding their breath and keeping still so as not to disrupt the memory of a few seconds ago.
• I’m thankful to learn and perform challenging literature, and to debut new works (even some that are so fresh that the composer is still making changes—not to use any names!).
• I’m thankful for the fun and interesting people that make up this group. People share a love for Sherlock, or make amazing break treats, or crack a hilarious joke during rehearsal (and not throw everything off). Above all the members of this choir are passionate about music. They also love sharing their choir stories, and I eat that stuff up.
• I’m thankful for the audience members that share our musical experiences. Seeing audience members wipe away tears at the end of the Lauridsen Nocturnes was a particular highlight from our last project.
• And finally, I’m thankful to have to work really hard through all of this. It’s the best kind of work.

Huh, whaddyaknow? I think just wrote myself out of my pre-break funk. Bring on the Christmas concerts! Okay, okay, one holiday at a time. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah!

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