Off the Risers -Life as a Singer: Lynette

There is cat hair on my suitcase. I had to lift Mindy out of my suitcase twice last night.  She loves the feel of the nylon. That made things a bit more complicated when I was trying to pack for this weekend’s Legacy Tour.

Why is it that every choir I’ve been in for the last 25 years thinks it’s a great idea to travel to even colder climes than the Twin cities during the month of January? I guess it’s a test of endurance that Minnesota choruses feel is worth the sacrifice.

And so I sit, still bundled in my coat with my Nook on my lap and the cold remains of a Starbucks coffee in my Caribou tumbler. We’ve just returned to our coach after a lunch stop. Arby’s conversations included a new nickname for one of our altos–The Vesperator. I’m not sure if it will take.

Life on a road trip is always an adventure. The hours pull us together–around tables, across bus aisles and in memorable moments of music-making for people who’ve never heard us before. Where else can you learn that your soprano seat mate loves to read graphic novels or that your director once owned “a schnoodle with no noodle.” And that’s just in the first four hours!

Perhaps the years of shivering dashes to and from the bus have frozen a few too many synapses,  but it seems that a winter Northland tour was exactly what I needed.

Take the music deep within and never stop singing,



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