THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

Your continued gifts to The Singers make a lasting impact on our ability to bring our mission to life throughout Minnesota! Thank you for considering financial support to our organization!

“If arts have a place in society, they must be a part of a community. To be an artist is not the privilege of a few, but the necessity of us all.”            – Robert Shaw (1916-1999)
Please join the chorus of supporters, so together we can ensure a stable future of performances, educational partnerships, Community Sing events, and acclaimed recordings. 

Your gift of personal significance goes toward the crucial day-to-day operations and the concert production costs that are so important as we live to share choral music with you. As you know, grants and ticket sales are just one way we raise funds. Your additional gifts keep our organization healthy and relevant.

  • $50.00 supports the stipend of one artist for a performance weekend.
  • $150.00 covers the cost of sheet music for one work.
  • $250.00 covers the cost of five artists for a performance weekend.
  • $572.00 covers the cost of one rehearsal – and we will invite you to join us for that evening!
  • $1,500.00 covers the cost of artists’ pay for one performance weekend.

You will no doubt notice that singing with you has become one of our favorite activities, and you can expect more opportunities each season! Just as the choir stands shoulder-to-shoulder, you too are a part of the larger chorus that sustains us and continues to give us purpose. You are the living example of Shaw’s quote above: The Singers are a necessity of us all.

You can offer financial support in one of these ways:

  1. Donate at our secure, ONLINE STORE (by clicking here).
  2. Become a SUSTAINING GIVER by signing up at our GIVE MN homepage (click here). You can choose to give Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, or Annually.
  3. Mail a check to THE SINGERS – 797 Summit Ave, Suite B, St. Paul, MN 55105


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