Remembering Geneva Eschweiler

Geneva Eschweiler had an inspiring love of the human voice and the many powers that it contains. She shared this love as both a voice teacher and conductor, but also nurtured so many of us with a family-like love. She just knew when my voice lesson needed to be a bowl of bean soup at the kitchen table instead of singing. To me, she was also a professional mentor whose impact on The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists organization can not ever be overstated. In the photo below, Geneva is seated next to me, in the company of Nancy and Ev Rotenberry and then President of the Board Maureen Armstrong. This was the night that I announced the creation of the Eschweiler-Rotenberry Award for Choral Advocacy that we present every few years to people who champion our organization in a number of ways. 
Geneva’s legacies run deep, and those of us blessed to share in music making with her are forever fortunate, wiser, and aware of her love for us all. Music is, indeed, love.

Matthew Culloton, Artistic Director

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