Black Lives Matter

The Singers organization is angered and shocked by the senseless killing of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd is the most recent and local victim, but our hearts are torn to see the news of similar stories like those of Philando Castile, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. We believe Black Lives Matter.

Our organization will dedicate ourselves to the ongoing diversity, equity, inclusion, and access work that the Board began last summer and fall. Through this work, we are striving to make meaningful and authentic connections with artists, audiences, and storytellers – tearing down walls and building bridges in their place.

Last October, our Artistic Director Matthew Culloton was fortunate to share part of our DEIA work with the Board of Chorus America in St. Paul. The three primary goals driving our work at that time were:

1) Increasing the diversity of artists who audition for The Singers;

2) Increasing mindfulness of collaborative school partners in our ongoing educational programming; and

3) Establishing relationships with a more diverse array of composers, including the creation of a multi-year, multi-work partnership program.

In the time since last October, our own Board Task Force has identified other areas of concern and focus that are receiving attention. Our Board members have done individual assessments and reflections, engaged in difficult and rewarding conversations, and wrestled with discomfort. Recent events across the country highlight the desperate need for our continued efforts toward positive change. We remain steadfast in that work toward a more welcoming and engaging art form.

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