Artistic Director Matthew Culloton interviews founding choir member and Music Adviser Bryan Blessing as they recall a March 2020 performance – one that turned out to be the choir’s last concert before the Coronavirus shutdown. Program repertoire includes:

Abbie Betinis: Carol of the Stranger

Melissa Dunphy: Dancing in Buses (from American DREAMers)

Craig Hella Johnson: The Innocence (from Considering Matthew Shepard)

Jocelyn Hagen: Needle and Thread (from This is How You Love)

Timothy Takach: Earth (from Helios)

Craig Hella Johnson: All of Us (from Considering Matthew Shepard)

Performers: The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists; Matthew Culloton, conductor; Steve Swanson, piano; Bruce Broquist, baritone (The Innocence)

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