According to a recent impact study by Chorus America, “the decline in choral singing opportunities for children and youth is a key area for concern.” In a 2012 survey of public school teachers, The Farkas Duffet Group found that 48% of teachers feel classroom instruction time for music has declined in the last decade. Music teachers throughout Greater Minnesota tell us a similar story, and that chances to work with professional musicians are scarce.

To address this need The Singers provide a variety of educational outreach programs designed to cultivate the next generation of singers, conductors, and composers. Through our Lab Programs, pre-concert discussions, K-12 workshops, and college masterclasses, we strengthen the choral art for schools and communities around the state.

Lab Programs

Each year The Singers focuses on one of three core areas in choral artistry to help develop individuals in singing, conducting, and composing. Through Beginning in 2004 with our Composer’s in Residence Program, our Lab Programs have evolved to include coaching, performance, professional development, and self-evaluation methods for participants of all abilities and backgrounds.

Singers Lab

The Singers Lab provides participants of different ages and backgrounds an opportunity to develop their vocal technique and focus on ensemble singing. Singers Lab brings together community members and students to work with a wide variety of music styles, rehearse with accomplished conductors and composers, and provide community performances.

Conductors Lab

In 2013 The Singers launched its first Conductor’s Lab program, selecting three high school choral educators from the greater Twin Cities metro area to work closely with Dr. Culloton and our musicians. These conductors brought their improved methods into the classroom with renewed energy, benefitting their choral programs and hundreds of students.   LEARN MORE>

“Finally! Professional development for choral conductors.”

-MPR Classical Notes, on the announcement of The Singers’ launch of Conductor’s Lab.  

Composers Lab

Since 2004 The Singers have championed new music with a focus on local composers and shaping the next generation ofartists who define Minnesota music. Through a collaborative process in rehearsals and concerts, composers like Jocelyn Hagen, Joshua Shank, and Abbie Betinis have worked with our musicians to connect their work with audiences across the state. Having premiered over 70 new works in the last decade, The Singers bring national recognition to composers and the professional partnerships they cultivate with our musicians.

Workshops and Masterclasses

The Singers provide workshops and masterclasses for all ages and backgrounds. Instruction can be designed for groups of any size or ability, and include a range of topics and techniques related to singing. Contact us [need link] to find out more about these opportunities.

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