At the River

At the River: American Folk Songs, Spirituals, and the Stephen Foster Songbook

Matthew Culloton, Artistic Director and Conductor

Released: April 2013

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“The Singers has a special blend. Silvery, caressing, pure as driven snow. Well, maybe that’s not the best comparison just now, but listening to their brand new disc of spirituals and American folksongs, there is nothing closer to perfection than this.” – Alison Young, Minnesota Public Radio


  • Swing Low Sweet Chariot (arr. Dale Adelmann) [3:37] Audio Clip
  • How Can I Keep from Singing (arr. Matthew Culloton) [3:10] Audio Clip
  • Oh! Susanna (Stephen Foster arr. Shaw/Parker) [1:50] Audio Clip
  • Shenandoah (arr. James Erb) [4:05] Audio Clip
  • Wade in the Water (arr. Aaron David Miller) [2:11] Audio Clip
  • Sinner Man (arr. Matthew Culloton) [2:13] Audio Clip
  • Hold On! (arr. Eugene Thamson Simpson) [2:05] Audio Clip
  • Yonder Come Day (arr. Craig Carnahan) [2:56] Audio Clip
  • Long Time Trav’lin (arr. Abbie Betinis) [4:05] Audio Clip
  • Nelly Bly (Stephen Foster arr. Jack Halloran) [2:32] Audio Clip
  • Camptown Races (Stephen Foster arr. Jack Halloran) [2:36] Audio Clip
  • What Wondrous Love (arr. Matthew Culloton) [3:12] Audio Clip
  • Now Our Meeting’s Over (arr. Jocelyn Hagen) [3:29] Audio Clip
  • To the New Jerusalem (arr. Matthew Culloton) [3:03] Audio Clip
  • When Jesus Wept (William Billings) [2:59] Audio Clip
  • Shall We Gather at the River (arr. Matthew Culloton) [3:38] Audio Clip
  • Deep River (arr. Matthew Culloton) [3:53] Audio Clip
  • Steal Away (arr. Bob Chilcott) [3:32] Audio Clip

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